Hi I’m Joy! Thanks for stopping by!

I was born and raised in Fort Worth, TX. I’m the youngest of four kids and an aunt to 4 toddlers (2 girls & 2 boys). Christ-follower, a member at Watermark Fort Worth, advocate for women in the RISE program through The Net, Kid’s Hope mentor, and founder of QuickSit. I’m an avid reader (hit my goal of reading 24 books in 2020) and a lover of queso and a frozen margarita. And yes- it counts as a meal!

I graduated from Texas Christian University in December 2014 and majored in Communication Studies with a double minor in Sociology and Psychology of Leadership. At the time I wasn’t sure what I wanted to be when I grew up (ha!) but I knew I was great with people and enjoyed taking a lot of courses that helped me understand people and relationships even better!

After graduating I accepted the first job offer I had (big mistake!) at an insurance company and lasted a solid 3 months before quitting my job. I quickly contacted families I used to babysit for and let them know I needed to make some money. Fast forward many years and I ended up nannying for families for the next 4.5 years. During that time I had brainstormed an idea for a babysitting app to help connect families with local college students and to create part time flexible jobs for students currently enrolled in school. The idea got me really excited, but with zero business experience, zero tech knowledge, and not many zeros in my bank account- I wasn’t sure how I was going to turn my idea into a real business.

It took about two years from legally creating QuickSit as an LLC to the day the app was live in the app store. During those two years I was constantly making mistakes and learning as I navigated all of the different pieces that go into a business- from legal, accounting, insurance, marketing, development, and more. At the time of putting all of the pieces together, I was still in the midst of full-time nannying, so it was quite an adventure as I tried to schedule phone calls… people would ask my availability and I would silently think to myself…”I work 8-5pm, sooo maybe after dinner?” which obviously doesn’t work with other people’s regular day time work hours. So I got creative and would attempt to schedule a quick phone call during a nap time, which didn’t always work out that great!

Once the app was launched, friends and acquaintances began asking me the same questions over and over- “Where did you start? How did you find a developer? How much did it cost? How did you keep pushing forward when things got hard? Do you need insurance for your business?” After repeatedly being asking these questions, I decided I wanted to help others navigate this new and often intimidating territory of creating a mobile app and hopefully help others avoid the mistakes that I made.

On my website, you’ll find my blog detailing pieces of my journey, resources available for download, lots of books I’ve read over the years, and some of my favorite business products I use in my everyday life!


E-Mail: hello@joyelizabethconsulting.com
Website: www.joyelizabethconsulting.com
Instagram: @joykendle