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Do You Have The Hustle?

The idea of starting your own business is very appealing.

Be your own boss.

Set your own hours. Unlimited vacation time. 

The dream, am I right?!

I thought the same thing when I had the idea for QuickSit. That is until I was done daydreaming and it was actually time to make things happen.

It’s easy to come up with a business idea. It’s harder to successfully execute on it.

I had come to a fork in the road. I had two choices: stop now, or buckle up for the wild ride ahead. 

I chose the latter and what a wild ride it’s been these last few years.

I knew there were so many things to get done and nowhere near enough hours in the day.

My successes started with picking a great side hustle that allowed me to make money, coming to the realization that I needed to save as much as possible, and facing the fact I was going to prioritize my business before anything else while it was getting started.

The Side Hustle: What to Expect

Here was an example of a typical Friday.


 Nannying full-time during the day


 Babysitting at night and working on

 the business after the kids were in bed


 Drive for Uber to put money towards

 the business and market QuickSit

Total working hours:

18 solid hours

Now please hear me when I say this. I don’t write all of that out to brag. I promise I am NOT all hustle and grind all of the time. I do not support the “hustle all day every day” movement. 

Although I do believe there is a period of time, weeks or months, when a hustle will be needed to get things moving in the right direction. However, I know how important it is to rest, turn my phone on Do Not Disturb, and take care of my mental health.

Make That Money…

My purpose in breaking down a typical Friday is to show you how. hard. it. is.

 How hard it is to work a full-time job and purposefully squeeze in time to spend on the business and make some extra money.

 I do believe one of the easiest side hustles is babysitting at night. A typical night can be 4-6 hours, and more than half of that time the kids are going to be asleep. So, you’re basically getting paid to work on your business with a baby monitor nearby.

Driving for Uber until 2 am was a way I could make extra money to pay off business debt and used it as an opportunity to market QuickSit. Almost every time someone got in my car they would ask, “So what do you do outside of Uber?” or “Why do you drive for Uber?” both of which gave me the opportunity to tell them about nannying and the business. I even kept business cards in my car console to hand out if I knew I was driving someone around who had young kids.

It will be important to find a side hustle you’re good at, and even better if you can find time to work on the business too!

 And, Save That Money

Another key piece besides making money during the hustle phase is saving money where you can. 

Ever since I was in college, I have LOVED getting my nails done, it is that one thing I always splurged on and got done on a regular basis. One way I chose to save money while working on the business was to stop getting my nails done until I launched QuickSit. As soon as I launched QuickSit I treated myself to start getting my nails done again.

 It may seem like a small thing to cut out, but it definitely adds up over time. I did this from April 2018, when the app went into development, through August 2019 when we officially launched.

To round up for simplification: 

If I spent $100/mo on nails. I would have saved over $1,700! 

So start looking for ways to temporarily cut out things you normally spend money on: Netflix, the Taco Bell drive-thru, drinks at the bar, and Nordstrom sales are good places to start!

 Saying “Yes” to Your Business Means Saying “No”

Another part of the startup hustle and grind phase that I never thought about before starting is this: 

Starting a business means saying “no” to a lot of things.

It means missing get-togethers, birthday parties, and weekend trips so you can put 99% of your time and energy into your idea. I worked as many evenings as I could and was able to put that money towards getting the business off of the ground, paying off business debt, and more.

One of the difficult things that come from saying “no”: some of your family and friends may not understand and/or get offended when you are turning down their invitations to things because you are off working on certain things. You are prioritizing your business, which needs it at that moment in time.

Don’t expect others to understand…because 9 times out of 10 they won’t. It’s hard for people to understand something they aren’t fully a part of and you can’t hold that against them.

Having “the hustle” is something you really have to reflect on. You have to be willing to work 18-hour days. You have to be willing to sacrifice things you’ve grown accustomed to in order to save. You have to be willing to put FOMO aside and prioritize your new business. 

Lessons Learned:

1.     Starting a business is going to take up your time and energy!

2.     You need to find ways to make extra money and save extra money!

3.     Starting your business means saying “no” to a lot of things you want to do!

Tangible Tips:

1.     Get a side hustle — you’re going to need the extra cash. *Bonus points if it allows you to spend time actively working on the business or marketing your business!

2.     Save money where you can — look at what you can live without for a little while!

3.     Dedicate a day of the week to connect with friends and do something fun — starting the business is time-consuming, but you can and should still carve out time to have fun! 

You can also find new lessons and tips I have learned through experience by following me on Instagram, @joykendle

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