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How My Faith Has Impacted My View on Business

My business is not my identity. 

I love QuickSit because it’s gone from an idea in a notebook to something I can hold in my hands, look at, and know I created it. 

Yet, if it was gone tomorrow I would be okay. 

Would I be disappointed? Yes.

 Would I be feeling confused? Absolutely. 

But, I trust God with my life and the plan He has for me.

My business is not my identity. 

My car and the clothes I wear are not my identities.

My friends and my checking account are not my identities. 

These things are not where I find my worth.

 These things don’t define me.

 I don’t put my security in any of these things.

I remember the first time QuickSit was publicly written about and I was featured in the winter issue of the TCU Magazine in 2018. You can read my media blog post here.

 Now let me pause here and say, it was a really cool moment. Nonetheless, the excitement that came with being in the magazine and sharing it online…only lasted a day.

 Then it was gone.

 And I clearly remember people asking about it or talking to me about it for days after…and it just wasn’t as exciting anymore — and that’s okay.

 This is a commonplace where people struggle. Sports, job success, the perfect family, the biggest house in the dreamy neighborhood…these things are fleeting. 

They will not fulfill you and when you come down off of the high…the feelings will go away too.

We aren’t meant to find our identity in worldly things.

We were created in the image of God. To glorify Him, to serve others, to share Christ with others, and let me tell you…that feeling never disappears.

It is not fleeting.

My business has been one of the areas of my life where I can express my faith in my work and in my decisions.

The two cannot be separated. 

And because of that — God has to be there.

In 2020, one of the books I read was called Every Good Endeavor by Timothy Keller. It had so many good insights about work. One of the points it made was this:

“Work should not be an idol.
Our identity is that we are children of God.
God= primary security 
Work= one of the ways God provides for us some security”

It is such a sweet reminder as I think we often tend to get it backward.

We see our work as our primary source of security we cling to and we keep God to the side as a second-best place to find security when everything else falls apart.

I can still remember the internal struggle I had when trying to decide if I should start QuickSit. (You can read about my journey getting it started here.) I didn’t feel qualified at all to start the business that was placed on my heart.

It’s why I initially stopped working on the business idea and spent a few months applying to other jobs — because applying to those other jobs was less intimidating, at the time, than trying to start a business with no business experience.

I didn’t feel qualified at all.

Yet, God often chooses the unqualified and qualifies them.

Another quote in the book was:

“Success to me — is if people are looking towards god and are drawing closer to him because of what they have seen in my life — then I will know if I have had a successful life. Simply that.”

That’s exactly it.

There are a lot of things I’m good at and enjoy in this life from hobbies to businesses, but none of it means anything to me if my love for God doesn’t shine through in everything I do. 

Lessons Learned:
1. God is our primary source of security and work is a way God provides us with some security.
2. God chooses the unqualified and qualifies them.

Tangible Tips:
1. Surround yourself with people who can remind you of where your identity is found when you begin to forget (and you will forget a lot).
2. Make sure to continue developing other areas of your life outside of your business.

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