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Joy In The Media

When I first started QuickSit, I couldn’t wait to get the word out about launching! So I was even more excited when different media outlets began reaching out to write a story. The articles are in order from December 2018 when the app was in the development stage through August 2020 when we were 6 months into the pandemic.

The articles give a glimpse into my journey creating QuickSit, my biggest challenges running a tech startup, and many lessons learned along the way. You can click the images below to read the full articles!

In the Beginning

In 2018 I saw the topic for the upcoming issue of the TCU Magazine and I submitted a short blurb on my experiences with perceived failure for the TCU Magazine. I was then interviewed and had my audio recorded on campus to answer questions and share my story. This is one of my favorite articles because it shares 6 other stories of those who have failed at something and their unique perspectives. The article opens with part of my story and ultimately concludes the article with the rest of my story.

Announcing the App’s Launch

In February 2019, I received an email from an editor at CultureMap DFW asking to interview me for a story. I did a 30-minute phone interview and had so much fun answering her questions! At the time the article was published I thought we would be launching the following month, but it took almost 6 months before we were officially launched — timelines rarely work out perfectly! 

Introducing QuickSit to DFW

In September 2019, one month after launching, I was referred to Voyage Dallas! They write their stories on a referral basis, so one of my friends had been referred, shared her story, and then referred me after that! I got to choose from a list of questions and share my lessons learned, which is one of my favorite things to do! Then after my story was shared I was able to refer a few of my friends who have businesses to Voyage Dallas so they could share their journey too! I love their business model because they really do want to share as many people’s journeys as possible no matter how big or small the business venture is!    

Casting a Wide Net

In July 2020, an editor from Shoutout DFW reached out to interview me and help me share my journey. Shoutout DFW is a part of the Voyage Group of Magazines. This opportunity came at the perfect time as it was a few months after the COVID-19 pandemic and businesses everywhere were hurting.  

Sharing All of QuickSit’s Details

Also, in July 2020, I was contacted by a writer via LinkedIn from Accelerate DFW to be a part of a new storytelling series. This by far is my favorite article written about myself and QuickSit because it covers so many aspects of the business! Another cool part about this specific feature is that there is an audio clip in this article from the day I did the Zoom interview! This was the first time I got to hear myself on a recorded clip while being interviewed and sharing my story!

My hope for sharing these media features is that it would give you an inside peek into what it was like for me to start QuickSit and that it would encourage you to keep pushing forward when the road ahead gets tough!  

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