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Negative Comments from Others Only Have 1 Purpose: To Motivate You

“So did you go to college to be a nanny?” 

“So what happened to that degree you got?”

Both of these were direct quotes that people asked me during my years of nannying, while I was quietly working on the idea of QuickSit circa 2016.

I actually wrote them down in the Notes app on my phone to rile myself up a little — to put me in the mindset of:


Some of the things that come out of other’s mouths blows my mind.

When I graduated college, becoming a nanny was not on my radar. After quitting a corporate job, I strongly disliked, I started babysitting again to bring in some income and was referred to a family who needed some extra help.

I planned to do some nannying for a few months and ended up staying for 4 years… oops!

The family had 2 kids when I started, and by the time I left their kids aged 3 and 1 were 7 and 5…with a new 3-year-old member. 

During those 4 years I was essentially a second mom helping raise the kids. I wasn’t sitting on the couch all day. I was teaching them everything a parent teaches their child: how to walk, how to use a fork, how to get dressed, how to forgive, how to be kind, how to share, and how to apologize.

I helped them with talking, learning their letters, numbers, colors, and reading. I worked as a team with the parents to keep the household running smoothly.

I don’t say all of these things to brag by any means. I say these things to remind others not to shame anyone who is playing the role of a nanny in someone else’s household.

I remember hearing these comments made to me and thinking, “If these were my kids…if I was a stay at home mom…would people make the same comments to me?”

“So did you go to college to be a stay-at-home mom?”


“So what happened to that degree you got?”

I would hope not…ouch.

My purpose in writing about this is to encourage you to not get stuck with what job you are in at this moment. Don’t replay the insensitive comments someone says to you about where you are working over and over again in your mind.

For years I questioned why I was nannying…

I shouldn’t be here.

Why am I spending my time doing this?

Am I wasting time?

But little did I know that God had me in that household nannying for a very specific reason.

 Not only was I helping a family, but I was essentially doing market research in the industry I would soon start a business in.

It just wasn’t clear to me at the time.

I had no idea that God would put the idea of QuickSit on my heart during my years of nannying.

There were so many benefits to me working in multiple households with several different families as I began to write down my idea for QuickSit before it even had a name. This gave me the experience I needed to share and inspire so many others around me.

Lessons Learned:  

1.    Don’t dismiss the current job you are in.

2.    It may take years before you see the bigger picture.

3.    Every place God has you in has a purpose.

Tangible Tips: 

1.    Have a specific place to write down insensitive comments to use as motivation.

2.    Be thoughtful and kind when discussing professions with others.

3.    Encourage others who are confused why they are working a specific job — you never know when a seed is being planted that will bloom in years to come!

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