What’s Joy Reading?

It’s that time again! I’m here to share the books I read this month and give you my honest thoughts!

If this is your first time seeing my blog, hi, I’m Joy! I love buying books, reading books, and recommending books to others! Over the past 4 years, I’ve read more than 100 books! In 2020 my goal was to read 24 books. I hit that goal and decided to keep it a consistent goal each year!

Billion Dollar Loser (7/10)

This book is about Adam Neumann, co-founder of WeWork, who was ousted from the company before a public IPO failure. I liked that it gave so much information on the ins and outs of what the company did, how they got so big, and ultimately its demise. I really enjoy reading books like this because there are so many things you would have never known about being a founder or running a startup another way. I’m always amazed to find out the crazy things some founders have done that are shocking and even borderline illegal. 

Brag Better (8/10)

I was so excited to read this book. I came across it when I was walking around Barnes and Noble one day — actually, the same day I bought Billion Dollar Loser! PSA: that’s how I find most of the books — from aimlessly walking around a book store and seeing if anything catches my eye! This book spoke directly to me because I have always struggled with talking about my business and accomplishments. It makes me feel uncomfortable, and I knew it was something I wanted to improve! This book had lots of examples and conversations I could relate to.

Greenlights (5/10)

I heard about this book when I was getting my hair done one day! Matthew McConaughey wrote it, and it’s super unique! It has tons of pictures of him and even journal entries in his own handwriting. This wasn’t one of the best books I’ve read this year, but he does tell a lot of stories starting with his childhood all the way through 2020. I wouldn’t say it was a bad book, but it wasn’t one of those where I was excited to pick it up and read it in my free time. I’ve also heard other people say it was more enjoyable listening to the audiobook because you can hear Matthew’s voice telling the stories.

Outdated (9/10)

This book is by Jonathan Pokluda — also known as JP! I first came across him when I started attending Watermark Community Church. He was the pastor for young adults and started a young adult’s ministry called The Porch, which I still love. He has a heart for young adults and I think he does SUCH a good job relating to us in an understandable way and backed by scripture. He’s always open and honest when preaching or writing, and he’s taught me a lot through his sermons over the years. Outdated specifically talks about common myths in dating and helps us understand the real truth supported by scripture and even statistics. I always recommend his books and even joke that he could write one on knitting, and I would still buy it, ha!

If you have any books I should read next, leave a comment below! 

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