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What’s Joy Reading?

Cheers to the first of many “What’s Joy Reading?” posts!

If you’re new here, hi! My name is Joy and I’m addicted to books! 

I love buying books, reading books, and recommending books to others!

If you’re looking for me, try the nearest Barnes and Noble because that is probably where I am. 😊

The addiction began in 2017 when I was in the brainstorming process of working on my first business, QuickSit. I wanted to start learning more about business, so I started hitting up Barnes and Noble and never stopped!

 Over the last 4 years I’ve read more than 100 books!

In 2020 my goal was to read 24 books, I hit that goal and decided to keep it a consistent goal each year!

At the end of every month, I’ll share what books I’ve been reading and tell you my honest thoughts on each one along with a personal book score!

Toxic Charity (9/10)

 This was my first book of 2021 and it was an eye-opener! If you have an interest or love for giving, helping others, supporting nonprofits, going on overseas missions, or giving to those in need, this is such a great resource. It gives multiple comparisons of how people can help a situation or hurt a situation based on what you do. I’m involved with a few local non-profits here in Fort Worth, TX and it’s helped me reflect on how I’m serving others in the community, where I’ve made mistakes in the past, and better strategies to use in the future.

Uncomfortable Conversations with A Black Man (10/10)

Although I had heard of Emmanuel Acho, I forgot he had a book out until I walked by it at Barnes and Noble! This is his first book and he blew me away! You could clearly hear his voice through the words on the pages and he had each chapter organized into different sections, which I always appreciate. Emmanuel has a unique perspective: he grew up in a predominantly white neighborhood and high school then proceeded to the predominantly black National Football League. It was easy and intriguing to follow along and I loved that he listed and categorized additional resources in the back of the book. 

Another Place at The Table (10/10)

 I’ve always had an interest and been somewhat curious about foster care, so one of my reading goals included picking out books from the foster parent’s perspective as well as children who have been through the foster care system. I actually read this book in 24 hours! It was better than I expected. Each chapter left me hanging and I wanted to know what happened next, so I literally couldn’t put it down. It was awesome and sad and inspiring and heartbreaking all at the same time.

One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven (7/10)

This book was recommended to my Women’s Bible Study group and I asked for it for Christmas this past year. The premise of the book is this: you can’t bring lost people to know Jesus in Heaven. It’s only something you can do on Earth. It’s filled with story after story of conversations the author had over a span of years with others. It was fascinating to learn the questions he liked to ask others, yet even more fascinating to hear the responses and perspectives people had to offer. It was a great book overall, but I gave it a lower score because it wasn’t one of those books where I couldn’t put it down. 

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